Marketing with Episodic Videos on Instagram Stories

Episodic series on Instagram is hot.

Whether you’re selling a brand, making films, or pushing a product – you’re always looking for the newest way to get your voice heard.  This is one idea that you may want to jump on.

Episodic entertainment has been a hit with viewers for a long time.  People have been faithfully tuning into soaps for ages and more recently watching their favorite Netflix series religiously, or staying home on a weekend to binge watch it all.  Now marketers are seeing the value behind this new creative art form.

Bustle, and WeBuyGold are just some of the media companies who are turning out creative episodic Instagram stories.

Ted Baker also recently launched a successful series of comedic videos in episodic format called “Keeping Up with the Bakers.


Why use Instagram Stories?

You may be saying to yourself, “Well Instagram stories are just like Snapchat, and I already use that…”

Here are 3 reasons why Instagram Stories may be a better choice:

  1. This past April, Instagram stories surpassed Snapchat’s number of people reached and that gap is getting bigger.
  2. Snapchat’s top 12 influencers actually post 25% more on Instagram stories.
  3. Instagram has a very straight forward user experience, which is key for branding.


Episodic content is designed to bring your audience back to your brand and every time they return, you are becoming more credible. – Crowd Content

tips to get started

  • If your videos are longer than 1 minute, you can edit them into 15 second snippits so that it flows as one seamless story. To do this use the app: called CutStory.
  • Research other companies that are using episodic branding for inspiration. Like Red Bull’s “Decades.
  • Make an outline for your episode.

creating an episodic outline


















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