Vimeo Live Stream, a more Professional Look for Live Streaming


After acquiring Livestream, Vimeo announced its launch of “Vimeo Live.”  Vimeo CEO, Anjali Sud said, “We’re focused on bringing a new level of quality to this evolving medium.”

Why Pick Vimeo Live

There are a slew of live streaming platforms out there now, it can seem overwhelming when choosing which one is best for you.  What sets Vimeo Live apart from Facebook Live, or Instagram Stories is the production tools they are offering.  Vimeo Live tools allow you to capture, edit, stream, archive and monetize your video.

Vimeo has been known to cater to a community of professionals.  That’s what sets them apart from say, YouTube.  YouTube has larger traffic, but it also has a lot more noise and ads.  Vimeo has no ads.  With Vimeo, you are more likely to have less spam and more creative feedback.  It’s a more niche platform for areas of expertise.

Vimeo Live Offers:

  • Password Protection
  • Cleaner Layouts
  • Capabilities to embed your live player on your own website, and even add your own logo.

The Fees

Vimeo does offer a higher quality experience and a more professional layout, but you do have to pay.

  • For $75/month you can purchase their Pro Live plan.
  • Offers an even more elaborate business plan for $300 a month.
  • For media companies with high volume need, they offer a Custom Live package for $800/month.

Worth It?

Depends.  If you have the budget and you’re looking for a professional look than yes, it is probably the way to go.  If you’re just messing around or trying to find the legs to your business, it’s best to stay on the free platforms and build your way up.

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