Your Digital Elevator Pitch

“Quick! Tell me what your business is all about in 30 seconds.” We’ve all heard of the importance of an elevator pitch.  Now, in today’s digital age, you need your elevator pitch VIDEO.

3 reasons why creating a professional ‘about video’ is key:


  • Including a video in a landing page can increase conversion by 80%
  • People spend on average 2.6x more time on pages with video than without
  • Online shoppers who view demo videos are 1.8 times more likely to purchase then non-viewers.

Fortunately for entrepreneurs, it’s easy to shoot and edit your own videos, which are crucial for continually engaging your audience on social media platforms. But creating a professional elevator pitch video is very important. Don’t skip out on lighting, editing and production for this one. This is the face of your company. Getting face to face time is harder in today’s age. People are more inclined to go online and see what you are all about. So you want to make a good impression.

Start developing your digital “elevator pitch” right now with these  key elements:


*Brand yourself. Make sure your brand clearly defines who you are. Sometimes creating your “about video” will shine a light on holes in your business’ overall branding.  Ask yourself is your name, logo, message and product or service all telling the same story? Your about video needs to do the same.

*Find your customer. Who are you selling to? Your entire video should use language that speaks directly to these people. Write down a personal profile of your target customer before starting to develop your video concept. Then write the script for your video in a voice that speaks directly to this person.

*Give value to your video. Unless the video gives something back to your audience, it’s useless. Your video should do at least one of the following: educate, entertain or solve a problem.

*Use the art of storytelling. Your video should invoke emotion. Your story, even if it’s a montage of moving images set to music, should have some form of a conflict, climax and resolution. Take your audience on a journey.

P.S. Make your digital story concise and sharp.  Your about video should be no longer than about a minute.

We are offering a free consultation for an ‘about video’ to all our readers. Visit us on our contact page and send us e-mail to set one up! Even if you aren’t shooting one with us, we’ll talk you through some ideas!

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