Best Sites to Find a Video Editor


Now more than ever people are in need of video editors.

There is a lot more video content being created because of the need to produce digital content to stay relevant in your field.  Whether you’re a mom blogger, influencer, or small business owner, you probably have a good amount of footage you have shot or plan to shoot for social media promotional purposes.  And you may be wondering, “How do I turn all this footage into something?”

Working in the video industry and being married to a video editor, I often get asked, “How do I find an editor?”  My brother, who is an athletic influencer himself, pleaded we write a blog post on this topic.

So here are the best places to find video editors:


MANDY.COM is a site that allows you to post your own professional profile or search for services.  Services include Actors, Theatre, TV & Film Professionals, Voiceovers, Dancers, Singers & Musicians.

  1. Clicking the link above will bring you directly to the crew search.  But if you are on the homepage, click > SEARCH and you will be brought to this screen, then select “FILM & CREW.”

MANDY 1.png

2. Then you will be brought to this screen:


Type in ‘Video Editor’ in the keyword search.  Depending on whether you want to meet the editor in person or not, you may not need to limit your search based on a city necessarily.  There are a lot of ways you can digitally transfer your files to them.

3. You will then be brought to a selection of editors.  You can view their work, resumes and bios and contact them directly from the site.  Best of all it’s FREE!!


Thumbtack is an online service that matches customers with local professionals. Thumbtack lists services in categories such as home, wellness, events, and lessons. .

  1. You will need to type in video editor in their search on their homepage.


thumbtack 1.png

2. You will then be brought to this screen where you can narrow down what kind of video editor you need.


3. Then you will be asked more detailed questions such as your budget and project details.  Once you fill out the questionnaire, your request will be sent out to their editors.  The editors will then contact you directly.  Thumbtack never shares your personal e-mail, the correspondence is done through the site.

I love this site because I can list my budget in my options and only the editors that are okay with my price will get back to me


Upwork defines their online company as a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely.

  1. You will be brought to this screen, where you can type “Video Editor” in the Get Started section.

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 11.41.17 AM.png

2. You will then be lead through a series of question about your project:

3. Last step is signing up, and you’ll get your quotes!

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 11.44.37 AM

Join Our Community


We at Royal Piranha created this Facebook group recently  – “Content Creators in Need of Video Editors

If you are content creator you can post your needs, if you are a video editor, you can post your demo reel or any other information.  We thought it would be a great way of connecting creators and editors without having to go through a site.  Hope this helps!




Digital Storyboarding


When creating a video, a crucial step before you start shooting is storyboarding.  A storyboard is a series of blank boxes where you illustrate each scene in sequential order. Under each blank box you write out the line of script that corresponds to the scene.

Here is Martin Scorsese’s story board for “Taxi Driver.”


Storyboards can be very easy to do and depending on how in-depth you want them to look, you can simply sketch out several boxes on a piece of paper, creating your own template and hand write the script copy underneath each box.

Storyboarding Digitally

If the old fashion way doesn’t appeal to you, there are many software programs and apps that allow users to storyboard digitally.

Here are the top software programs in 2017:

  • Moviestorm– For the non artist.  Drag and drop objects from your gallery to create the scene. 14 day free trial! ($225)
  • Frameforged– Allows you to use objects and characters to build your scene.  Also gives you the option to select what type of camera, lighting and sun positioning you will need for your scenes. (Free trial)
  • ShotPro (iOS) –  For the iPad users.  You can scan real pictures and create 3D objects for your scenes. ($39)
  • Storyboard Quick– Boosts quick fast and easy.  Gives you customizable built-in characters, backgrounds and props.  Also allows you to import your own images. ($190)
  • Storyboard Fountain (Mac) – Sleek, simple, modern look, and free!
  • Storyboard That – Allows you to pick physical features for your characters, like eyebrows and jaw shape to build them digitally. ($15/month)
  • Toon Boom Storyboard Pro – Tailored for the commercial storyboard creator. ($58/month)
  • Boardo – After Effects plug in tool. ($30)
  • Procreate 4 (See below)

Procreate 4

Procreate 4

For those that have some artistic talent with a pencil or brush, we really love the idea of using Apple’s Procreate 4.  With the ability to use on your iPad, this app will cost new users $9.99.

Illustrators say this program beats out most of the competition.

It’s easy to use, allows you to control great detail in your scenes.  Because this is an illustration platform, you would just need to upload a storyboarding template, and you can create your sketches directly on the screen.  There are tons of storyboard templates available for free online.  Like this one.

The Sketch Tool


With a lot of these program, you will need a sketching tool.  Our pic is Apple’s Pencil.

Completing your Storyboard

After you’ve got your storyboard down, now you need to location hunt!

Check out our article A Film Permit Guide for the biggest cities in the make sure you have the right paperwork and know the laws and regulations before your shoot day!

Vimeo Live Stream, a more Professional Look for Live Streaming


After acquiring Livestream, Vimeo announced its launch of “Vimeo Live.”  Vimeo CEO, Anjali Sud said, “We’re focused on bringing a new level of quality to this evolving medium.”

Why Pick Vimeo Live

There are a slew of live streaming platforms out there now, it can seem overwhelming when choosing which one is best for you.  What sets Vimeo Live apart from Facebook Live, or Instagram Stories is the production tools they are offering.  Vimeo Live tools allow you to capture, edit, stream, archive and monetize your video.

Vimeo has been known to cater to a community of professionals.  That’s what sets them apart from say, YouTube.  YouTube has larger traffic, but it also has a lot more noise and ads.  Vimeo has no ads.  With Vimeo, you are more likely to have less spam and more creative feedback.  It’s a more niche platform for areas of expertise.

Vimeo Live Offers:

  • Password Protection
  • Cleaner Layouts
  • Capabilities to embed your live player on your own website, and even add your own logo.

The Fees

Vimeo does offer a higher quality experience and a more professional layout, but you do have to pay.

  • For $75/month you can purchase their Pro Live plan.
  • Offers an even more elaborate business plan for $300 a month.
  • For media companies with high volume need, they offer a Custom Live package for $800/month.

Worth It?

Depends.  If you have the budget and you’re looking for a professional look than yes, it is probably the way to go.  If you’re just messing around or trying to find the legs to your business, it’s best to stay on the free platforms and build your way up.

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A Royal Piranha Profile: Scott Richter, YouTube Channel Creator


Scott Richter

Scott Pic 4

Scott Richter is a business entrepreneur, who has his hands in a lot of cookie jars.  He owns an online marketing company and has investments in real estate, but what really intrigued us about Richter was his YouTube channel, The Big Jackpot.


The Big Jackpot is one of the fastest growing slot play channels on YouTube.  As of September 2017, the channel has 23,535 subscribers.

With YouTube channels becoming some of the fastest growing outlets for video content right now, we wanted to pick the brain of someone who has settled into a niche and has built a thriving channel around it.  Here’s what Richter had to say to us…

The Interview:

RP: What would you tell someone who is starting a YouTube channel that nailed down an expertise and demographic, but aren’t seeing the growth they want?


Don’t give up—I initially started posting slot videos years before The Big Jackpot took off.  The keys are 1) creating great content, which takes time 2) finding the right keywords to reach the demographic you’ve identified and 3) join other online groups to share your videos and hope they enjoy, subscribe and help promote you, too. Organic, viral growth is always best, but it doesn’t always happen overnight.

RP: What made you start The Big Jackpot?


I experiment with social media a lot in my other businesses and had been posting my jackpots on YouTube for a while … I started to devote real time and attention to it this year when I realized the potential value of the demographic and the fact that I could create something interesting and drive revenue while doing something I really enjoy.

RP: What has your biggest challenge been in starting “The Big Jackpot” and how have you overcome it?


Whenever you’re going live in different places for long periods of time, technical issues abound, especially with WiFi, no matter how many external hotspots you have.  We’ve invested in lots of battery packs to keep phones charged for hours at a time.  We try to give viewers the quality and immediacy they’ve come to expect from the Big Jackpot, but especially when visiting new casinos, there’s always an unknown element.

Also generally challenging are the trolls and “keyboard warriors,” but we have great moderators and thick skins, so we just focus on not letting one or two people affect everyone else’s enjoyment of the show.

RP: Do you ever feel like you’re running out of material to produce?  How do you get over this slump?


When you’re webcasting for hours at a time, of course you’re going to run out of things to say, which is a good time to let the live chat take over.  Ask questions and vibe off of whatever the viewers have on their minds.  I also have my regulars Brian of Denver and T, as well as a number of guests on the show (including some well-known ones and slot community stars), so that adds variety.  The Big Jackpot tries to strike a balance between hardcore high limit slot action and reality TV-like entertainment.

Also, the good thing about a slot channel is there are many different slot machines, and since we travel, we get to switch it up.

RP: How do you set yourself apart from other gambling channels?


We definitely play higher denominations than any other channel, since I play on camera the way I would in “real life.”  That appeals to other high rollers who would never watch a low-betting channel, but it also appeals to low rollers who don’t normally get the opportunity to bet big … We show the losses alongside the wins, so they can experience those high and lows through The Big Jackpot.

Also, Brian of Denver and T gamble on the show, so we have three people spinning instead of just one.

RP: What camera and editing system do you use?


We go live using an iPhone, but we were the first channel I’ve noticed to use a tripod, which definitely cuts down on the shaking and provides a better experience for the viewer!  The videos are edited by my office staff using Adobe Suite.

RP: Are there currently any digital marketing or video techniques that are new and hot on the YouTube channel scene right now?


Always, but believe it or not we don’t spend a lot of time following that world.  We focus on creating quality content, honing our brand, and giving back to the fans as much as possible.

RP: Is YouTube the only video platform you use?


We cross promote the channel on all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  We use our website,, our weekly newsletter, and our fan forum to engage with viewers and build awareness about upcoming events, contests and appearances.  Specifically for videos, we’ve been using Twitch recently and feature additional or exclusive content on Facebook.

Marketing with Episodic Videos on Instagram Stories

Episodic series on Instagram is hot.

Whether you’re selling a brand, making films, or pushing a product – you’re always looking for the newest way to get your voice heard.  This is one idea that you may want to jump on.

Episodic entertainment has been a hit with viewers for a long time.  People have been faithfully tuning into soaps for ages and more recently watching their favorite Netflix series religiously, or staying home on a weekend to binge watch it all.  Now marketers are seeing the value behind this new creative art form.

Bustle, and WeBuyGold are just some of the media companies who are turning out creative episodic Instagram stories.

Ted Baker also recently launched a successful series of comedic videos in episodic format called “Keeping Up with the Bakers.


Why use Instagram Stories?

You may be saying to yourself, “Well Instagram stories are just like Snapchat, and I already use that…”

Here are 3 reasons why Instagram Stories may be a better choice:

  1. This past April, Instagram stories surpassed Snapchat’s number of people reached and that gap is getting bigger.
  2. Snapchat’s top 12 influencers actually post 25% more on Instagram stories.
  3. Instagram has a very straight forward user experience, which is key for branding.


Episodic content is designed to bring your audience back to your brand and every time they return, you are becoming more credible. – Crowd Content

tips to get started

  • If your videos are longer than 1 minute, you can edit them into 15 second snippits so that it flows as one seamless story. To do this use the app: called CutStory.
  • Research other companies that are using episodic branding for inspiration. Like Red Bull’s “Decades.
  • Make an outline for your episode.

creating an episodic outline


















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Video Pumps Up Sales in Real Estate

If your selling homes, you need to be making videos.

As a real estate agent, you probably have heard this before. And if you are still selling homes and not showcasing them in shareable online videos, you may want to rethink your strategy.

The stats are in:

  • 73% of homeowners rather work with a real estate agent who uses videos.
  • Landing pages have a 800% conversion rate that have videos over those that don’t.

Girl using her drone for filiming videos

Where to start

  • If you have the funds, seek out local professional video companies to shoot for you. You can usually work out a deal with them if you’ll be using them frequently.
  • If you don’t have the funds and have some talent, you can shoot and edit yourself. Smartphones these days have great cameras. You’ll just want to invest in a good stabilizer. Make sure you are shooting during the day when you have great lighting. Watch out for overly bright sunlit areas that may wash out what your shooting.  There are many great apps available for you to edit with, like Spark Camera app.
  • You can also shoot yourself, and get an editor to edit your footage. Editing can really make or break your videos, and a good editor can turn crap footage into something beautiful.
  • Set up a YouTube account for yourself. Here is a great article that talks about how to optimize your channel as an real estate agent and drive viewers.


6 Video Ideas

  • Listing Videos
  • Previous Home Buyer and Seller Testimonials
  • Buying and Selling Advice – You are a wealth of information for your clients and giving them useful information, that actually saves them time and money, will help develop trust between them.
  • An About Me Video
  • Shorter Instagram Videos
  • A Year in Review Video

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