Online Ad Spending Surpasses TV’s, and Entrepreneurs are Benefiting

In 2016, digital ad spending surpassed TV.


This information is GOLD for business owners. Here’s why:

The biggest and baddest companies across all industries are now relying on the internet to showcase their commercials. For decades advertisers have relied on television to get their big ads seen. Small businesses and start-ups never had the money to buy TV time slots. Now viewership has shifted online. Startups can look at this phenomenon as the playing field has been slightly evened out. Now anyone can advertise on the same platform, no matter how big their wallet is.

You might say, well, I can advertise online, but it doesn’t mean my videos will generate the same size audience the bigger companies in my industry will get. Well, lucky for you, you can do something about that. Instagram and Facebook have free analytic tracking tools that help you hit your target demographics so on point, that the big companies are even using them.

Here are 3 free analytic tools to use with your Facebook:

  1. Facebook Insights – Gives a detailed analysis of your posts and their engagement.
  2. LikeAlyzer – This one is sneaky, it gives you a look at ANY ONE’S Facebook page’s performance results. Helpful for those that want to keep an eye on their competitors 😉
  3. Simply Measured – Offers a wide variety of tracking and insight into your page, and compares your performance to other Facebook pages.

The shift from TV to online is simply a trend. The market is always shifting, so make sure you capitalize on this for your business while the opportunity is still available to you! Start making creative engaging videos, target your core customer with analytic tools and enjoy the ride!

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