3 Easy Ways to Shoot Stylized Videos with Your Phone!

Want to make your business’ social media content on Instagram and Facebook pop? Maybe you want to spice up your home videos?

Here are 3 easy ways to shoot with your phone to create some stylized videos.




If you have an iPhone, download the latest update for your phone (iOS 10.3.2, as of July 2017), then go into your camera and swipe right until you see “Slow-Mo” or “Timelapse” and begin shooting!


Slow-motion videos showcase a particular action at a reduced speed in order to get a better look at it.  Like an impossible catch during an intense football game.  The faster the action is, the better the slow-motion is going to look.  Pro-surfer Keala Naihe uses slow-mo perfectly in this Instagram post:


Shooting timelapse shows the progression of something at a sped up rate.  Timelapse is great for when you want to show the process of a DIY project and reveal a finished look.  If you’re a parent, shooting in this mode is a perfect way to capture what your little bugger is doing in his crib during his alone time.  Here’s a video we shot of our son during one of his naps with our iPhone:



Instagram now allows you to shoot videos in reverse. To do this: Go into your “story,” which is your circular picture icon at the top left corner of your screen.  Click it, then swipe right until you see “Rewind” and press the circle and shoot!  If you don’t want to publish it on your “story”, you don’t have to!  All you have to do is press “save” and it’ll save it inside your phone’s library.

Spike Jonze was famous for shooting his video “Drop” by The Pharcyde in reverse. Shooting this was quite the process.  Now we can do this with just one click of a button on our phones!  Crazy!  Check out his throw back music video shot in reverse:

Quick Additional Tips to Make Your Videos Look Better:

  • Shoot horizontally
  • Use a selfie stick as a hand held tripod
  • Hold your breath when shooting to get a steady shot


Upload your videos shot from your smartphones to Instagram and tag us @royalpiranha –  We want to see what you’re creating!