How to Produce a Kickstarter Campaign Video that Sells


Kickstarter is a great way to give legs to a  business idea that you’ve been sitting on due to lack of money.  It allows you to create campaigns to raise funding for your projects.  Anyone who has had a successful campaign will tell you a good Kickstarter video is KEY. Kickstarter themselves even state that projects with a video have had a 50% success rate, compared to a 30% success rate to those that didn’t include one.

How to Make a Killer Kickstarter Video



  • (1) Introduction of yourself
  • (2) Tell you audience about your project
  • (3) Explain why you are launching this campaign and why people should care
  • (4) List rewards you are offering to backers of your project


  • It’s usually better to “show” instead of “tell” when you are creating a video. For instance, instead of listing off a bunch stats, it’s better to include a graphic with the information. Create a script or breakdown of what you want to say in the video. Then go back line for line and ask yourself, ‘How can I depict this visually instead of saying these words?” This will not only create a more engaging video, but will shorten the duration of it as well.
  • You want a lot of different shots that you can cut to within your video.  The more footage you shoot, the better.  Having a lot of cuts will keep the audience engaged. There’s nothing worse than watching someone talk straight to the camera longer than a few seconds.
  • Keep all your pictures, graphics and music copyright free. (This one is a Kickstarter rule) There are plenty of free content out there on the web. Just Google 🙂
  • The best videos will be no longer than 3 minutes. I promise you, you can tell your whole story in 3 minutes. If you can’t, hire someone to help you edit you ideas down.
  • Pick music that reflects the lifestyle of your project. When editing the music into your video, raise the audio levels when you are just looking at footage and fade the levels down when someone is speaking.
  • Seal the deal with a “call to action.” Here you are calling people to take action and fund your project. Connect that with a reason why they would want to fund you, what’s in it for them? You can connect your call to action with your rewards or incentives you are offering backers.

Here’s a Kickstarter video we created:

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