A Royal Piranha Profile: Scott Richter, YouTube Channel Creator


Scott Richter

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Scott Richter is a business entrepreneur, who has his hands in a lot of cookie jars.  He owns an online marketing company and has investments in real estate, but what really intrigued us about Richter was his YouTube channel, The Big Jackpot.


The Big Jackpot is one of the fastest growing slot play channels on YouTube.  As of September 2017, the channel has 23,535 subscribers.

With YouTube channels becoming some of the fastest growing outlets for video content right now, we wanted to pick the brain of someone who has settled into a niche and has built a thriving channel around it.  Here’s what Richter had to say to us…

The Interview:

RP: What would you tell someone who is starting a YouTube channel that nailed down an expertise and demographic, but aren’t seeing the growth they want?


Don’t give up—I initially started posting slot videos years before The Big Jackpot took off.  The keys are 1) creating great content, which takes time 2) finding the right keywords to reach the demographic you’ve identified and 3) join other online groups to share your videos and hope they enjoy, subscribe and help promote you, too. Organic, viral growth is always best, but it doesn’t always happen overnight.

RP: What made you start The Big Jackpot?


I experiment with social media a lot in my other businesses and had been posting my jackpots on YouTube for a while … I started to devote real time and attention to it this year when I realized the potential value of the demographic and the fact that I could create something interesting and drive revenue while doing something I really enjoy.

RP: What has your biggest challenge been in starting “The Big Jackpot” and how have you overcome it?


Whenever you’re going live in different places for long periods of time, technical issues abound, especially with WiFi, no matter how many external hotspots you have.  We’ve invested in lots of battery packs to keep phones charged for hours at a time.  We try to give viewers the quality and immediacy they’ve come to expect from the Big Jackpot, but especially when visiting new casinos, there’s always an unknown element.

Also generally challenging are the trolls and “keyboard warriors,” but we have great moderators and thick skins, so we just focus on not letting one or two people affect everyone else’s enjoyment of the show.

RP: Do you ever feel like you’re running out of material to produce?  How do you get over this slump?


When you’re webcasting for hours at a time, of course you’re going to run out of things to say, which is a good time to let the live chat take over.  Ask questions and vibe off of whatever the viewers have on their minds.  I also have my regulars Brian of Denver and T, as well as a number of guests on the show (including some well-known ones and slot community stars), so that adds variety.  The Big Jackpot tries to strike a balance between hardcore high limit slot action and reality TV-like entertainment.

Also, the good thing about a slot channel is there are many different slot machines, and since we travel, we get to switch it up.

RP: How do you set yourself apart from other gambling channels?


We definitely play higher denominations than any other channel, since I play on camera the way I would in “real life.”  That appeals to other high rollers who would never watch a low-betting channel, but it also appeals to low rollers who don’t normally get the opportunity to bet big … We show the losses alongside the wins, so they can experience those high and lows through The Big Jackpot.

Also, Brian of Denver and T gamble on the show, so we have three people spinning instead of just one.

RP: What camera and editing system do you use?


We go live using an iPhone, but we were the first channel I’ve noticed to use a tripod, which definitely cuts down on the shaking and provides a better experience for the viewer!  The videos are edited by my office staff using Adobe Suite.

RP: Are there currently any digital marketing or video techniques that are new and hot on the YouTube channel scene right now?


Always, but believe it or not we don’t spend a lot of time following that world.  We focus on creating quality content, honing our brand, and giving back to the fans as much as possible.

RP: Is YouTube the only video platform you use?


We cross promote the channel on all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  We use our website, www.WON.com, our weekly newsletter, and our fan forum to engage with viewers and build awareness about upcoming events, contests and appearances.  Specifically for videos, we’ve been using Twitch recently and feature additional or exclusive content on Facebook.